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09.07.2008 Munich / Moscow.
Here is what Never Stand Still event really was. Just a simple BMW 7 Series presentation, which was honored even by the BMW Chief Designer, Chris Bangle. I was a littledisappointed with the whole fuss around this Never-Stand-Still and I really expected to see something interesting there.
Press Release
With an exceptional vehicle presentation on the Red Squarein Moscow (Russia) on 8 July 2008 the BMW Group started a countdown for the European launch of the new BMW 7 Series, which will happen in the autumn of this year. Under the slogan « Never stand still »the world’s most successful manufacturers of automobiles in the premium segment had built an almost twelve metre high hourglass ahead of the historical background of the Basil’s Cathedral and theKremlin. With the world’s largest hourglass BMW presented its new flagship to about 400 international guests and Moscow citizens.
Success as a driving force
The hourglass has been present on theRed Square since the 6th July 2008. In the top half of the construction of acrylic glass and steel the new BMW 7 Series is parked – initially hidden by more than 180,000 shiny silver balls. The ballgradually fell into the lower zone, and finally as the peak of the event on Tuesday evening, the new BMW 7 Series was fully revealed. « With the new generation of the BMW 7 Series our success storycontinues, and it has lasted for more than 30 years now, » said Jan-Christiaan Koenders, head of brand communication and BMW Group Marketing Services. « A goal to surpass our own achievements again and againis the essence of our brand. The BMW 7 Series reflects this idea exceptionally well, » said Koenders, explaining the idea behind the event’s motto « Never stand still ».
The past achievements as astarting point for the better achievements in the future – this guiding principle drives the artists performing at the vehicle presentation. These included, for example, international artists such as…