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Brouillon de présentation orale

Thème : En prenant l’exemple de l’équipenationale de football, peut-on dire que les immigres sont bien acceptés en France?

Brief introduction –
• Start with Zinedine Zidane and some facts about him. How French people think of him as a‘God amongst men’ – possible reference to his book.
• Explain the term – Black Blanc Beur: say it’s a very touchy subject in France, certainly at the moment with illegal immigrants being deportedand a general unease with immigrants. It seems as though as long as they are winning then immigrants should be allowed in. Talk about Sarkozy and ‘Roma’ gypsy group.
• Say what I plan to discussand in what order. First a history about immigrants playing football for the national team then the French World Cup winning National team, then Le Pen’s views on the national team and racism inFrance. Finally the National team at the moment – what is the public’s perception? Is it representative of France?

Main Body –
• Past immigrant players for France, shocking statistics. RaoulDiagne and the 1938 world cup, the start of a multicultural national team.
Jean Marie le Pen’s racist views on l’équipe national. In June 2006, he claimed that the French World Cup squad contained toomany non-white players, and was not an accurate reflection of French society. He went on to scold players for not singingLa Marseillaise, saying they were not « French ».
• All this seems to beswept under the carpet when there’s success – 1998 World Cup winning squad and in particular, Zidane.
• The national team at the moment – is it representative of a multicultural France? Link withthe young German team at this year’s World Cup.

Conclusion –

Alain Finkielkraut – talking about the team now saying it is not even any more a black blanc beur team but a black black black….