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Cambridge : King’s College

Cambridge is an important city since roman’s age. Somes oxford’ students left the University because of religious problems. Then, they created a new college. The cityhave a lot of students but it’s also a big exchange place of farm-production. There are 16000 students and certificated for only 100000 inhabitants.

There is not a campus : school’s buildings arelocated in all the city that’s why there are 24 colleges. A college is a group of buildings which shelter students and graduates. They lived during three years to get their B.A. ( bachelor of art )Degree for all the students matematics too. Every Colleges are mixt, except two only for girls. Students from all the world go to Cambridge for study. Each College is a private school and it is lead bythe master and the fellows (graduate of the College).
N.B : It’s forbidden to walk in the lawn. Just the master and the fellows can walk on it, if the others walk on it, they have to pay 10 £.Students wear top hats during the ceremony of the certificate.
Each College have their own sport field. The three popular sport are cricket , rugby and rowing. Every years the boat race matchsCambridge to Oxford in Thames in London.
It’s so popular that it is on T.V. Oxford had won the last time. It happened three times that boats sank. Famous people like Hugh Laurie (Dr House) participated forCambridge.

The most famous College is King’s College it was created by Henry VI in 1441. The college use to be specially for boys from Eton College also founded by Henry VI. It is located in thehistoric center of the town.It’s compose to many buildings like Gibbs’ Building, Scott’s Building or Wilkin’s Building. The Chapel was built to be the most beautiful building of Oxford ( the rival) andCambrigde. It is a the most important building in Cambridge. It’s very impressive. In the Gibbs’ Building there are all the fellows . Some Nobel Price come from King’s College. You can study…