Les regles de devolution de la couronne

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Today, English and American Universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Oxford or Cambridge are worldwide recognized because of their prestige associated with a quality education and which haveconsiderable financial meanings. However, these systems are not accessible to all. The university has a very expensive cost and the required level is very high.
I- presentation and selection process.A. In the U.S.A.
American Universities are independent of government so that the board of directors (board of trustees) which makes the decisions. He is responsible to find financial funds and todefine the tasks and principles of the university. The American university is considered as a non-profit association (Article 501 of the Tax Code).
B- In the U.K
British universities are legallyautonomous. This legal independence does not prevent a Royal Charter, which guarantees a very large share of public funding.

In the UK, there are different selection processes depending on theinstitution: for example, to get into Cambridge, the level required by the AAA rating at A-level which is marked « TB » bachelor, is then followed by an oral assessment of the student.

To enter in the AmericanUniversity students must pass a test: SAT test reasoning. In the american’s Universties, excellence is the first criterion of selection, obtained during the tests of logical reasoning such as the SATReasoning Test (ASSISTMENT SCHOLASTIC TEST).
For the most eight prestigious Universities in the country that make up the Ivy League, (Princeton, Harvard …) each of them are based on criterion suchas social responsibility, academic excellence, be « good » sportsmanship and having certain psychological characteristics such as leadership. The two major criterion are the excellence, and the socialprofile.
II- university costs
A-In the U.S.A.
United states University fees amount to 13,000 dollars in public and up to 30,000 dollars in private ones.
B- In the U.K.
In England the same…