Frédéric Chopin is one of the most famous pianists virtuoso of the XIXth century and big composer of romantic music. , It music is even today one of the most played and lives a passageindispensable to the understanding of the music in the piano. He is, with Franz Liszt, the father of the modern piano technique and the origin of a whole lineage of composers: Gabriel Fauré, Ravel,Debussy, Rachmaninov, Scriabine.
He married Justyna Krzyzanowska, lady-in-waiting and cousin of the countess Skarbek there, on June 2nd, 1806; she is 20 years old and he 31. The count Skarbek had indeedsuggested him in 1802 taking charge of his 4 children and the proper functioning of his manor house of Zelazowa Wola, in 50 miles from Warsaw where they met.
Chopin revealed very early bigcapacities(measures) for the music. He showed at once a big musical sense(direction) and showed an exceptional sensibility in the music. He thus began his musical education in six years ( 1816 ) and composedhis first work, the Pole in G minor, at the age of seven (1817). He made his first appearance on stage in eight years, in an aristocratic lounge(show) of Warsaw ( 1818 ).
Pupil of the Academy and thehigh school of Warsaw where his father was a professor of French, he got acquainted with the Polish popular music in passing his holidays in various rural regions of Poland. He ended his musicalstudies in 1829.
Chopin decides to give a big concert to the national theater of Warsaw, on March 17th, 1830. Eight hundred places disappear in a flash of lighting and the concert is a triumph .
Chopinsettles down at first in Vienna, in Austria, where he lives eight months. The city which had made for his triumphs reserves him an excellent reception. Graf, the famous factor of piano, quicklyprovides him with a piano and the most recognized composer of Vienna in the time, Hummel, visits him.
Chopin arrived to London on April 20th, 1848.
Regrettably, this journey and these representations…