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Wine Courses

Wine Courses

Educate Your Palate

Wine Courses
UW 84 UW 85 UW 86 UW 87 UW 88 UW 89 UW 90 UW 91 Thursdays Tuesdays ThursdaysWednesdays Tuesdays Wednesdays Wednesdays Mondays 29 April – 3 June 2 June – 7 July

February – December 2010
$215 THEME TASTINGS $55 1 night – SINGLE SESSIONS 7pm Ð 9pm Brilliant Wines of SouthAustralia Ð A two hour session tasting
12 premium South Australian wines, highlighting varietal characteristics, regions and food and wine matching. TT 73 TT 74 Thursday 14 January Wednesday 12 MayEducate Your Palate
Customised Classes
A special service for clubs and groups – convivial, interesting and worthwhile private classes and activities. Sessions will be specially tailored to yourmembers’ interests and requirements. Call us with your ideas – or let us put forward our suggestions. Ideal for wine tasting clubs, or any group of friends or work colleagues.

All sessions will beheld at the National Wine Centre, Adelaide

18 February – 25 March 30 March – 4 May

13 July – 17 August 18 August – 22 September 29 September – 3 November 18 October – 22 November

Making the mostof your wine cellar Ð

Protect your valuable assets! Learn about the ageing process of wines and why some wines are better for cellaring than others. Taste wines from many vintages and discuss goodcellaring practices. This is a great session for any wine collector. TT 75 Thursday 10 June

Understanding Wine
One of our most popular courses. Attend two hour sessions once a week for six weeks- or put aside two Saturdays or Sundays back-to-back – and you will emerge with a comprehensive overview of Australian wine and winemaking. This course aims to develop your sensory evaluation skills -your ability to taste, feel, smell and describe the wine you taste. You will sample and analyse more than 40 different wines sourced from all over Australia. Before long, you will have learnt to…