Importance of good manners.

décembre 24, 2018 Non Par admin

There is always a saying that ‘First impression is the best impression’. When we meet a person for the first time, it is generally the person’s manners which tend to impress us deeply. The mannerswhich we learn in childhood are carried throughout our lives. Good manners are taught by our parents at home and by teachers at school.
These manners tend to become a part and parcel of ourpersonality. So it is very important that these manners are instilled in children when they are young so that they grow up to become more courteous, pleasant adults. Childhood is one of the best periods to learngood manners. It is quite important to have it cultivated in every mind during the childhood itself so that it does not depart.
Good manners play an important part in maintaining peace andgood-wiling in a community. A man who has good manners does not hurt the feelings of others, and therefore he is on good terms with his friends and neighbours and also with others. In this way he helps to keeppeace in society. A man whose manners are bad has no respect for others. He uses words carelessly and behaves rudely towards other and causes a lot of ill-will and unpleasantness. In the end, it ishe himself who suffers the most. Everyone avoids him and he is forced to live almost in isolation.

To live well in a society, money alone is not enough. We should also have good manners, for it ishuman nature to seek friendship; and friendship cannot be bought with money. Friendship with others makes life pleasant and it has to be earned through our own attitude towards others. If we are kindto others, they will be kind to us, and kindness is the essence of good manners. Bad manners not only drive away friends but also others, including our own family members.

Good manners cost usnothing but can buy everything. They help us to win friends and also conquer our enemies. They tend to make the world a happier place to live in by reducing friction and avoiding tension. Practically in…