Composition en anglais sur l’argent

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Noelle Tang 11/04/2010
Seconde Magellan English essay
Money has undoubtedly always been a subject to discuss: how powerful it is? What can we do with it? What can’t we? Many people believe that money is so great it can even buy someone’s feelings toward you, especially happiness. Yet, others think it is an irony that our pillars carry such a thought.Being wealthy is not the real purpose in your life, it is only material object. Indeed, money can buy a lot, but there are more important things it cannot buy.
First of all, a comfortable life can be brought if we are rich. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see people complain about their low standard of living. The low educated groups always have to worry about their living. They may worryabout losing their jobs as they always work as low skilled workers. They may not be able to cope with their daily lives, let alone being happy. Under such circumstances, money can undeniably buy happiness. If they had more money, they wouldn’t have to worry all the time. They can have a better life by at least enjoying the daily necessities or even buying expensive clothes, eating in first-classrestaurants. Money can bring to poor people happiness as their living standards are improved.
Besides, money can fulfill the vanity of people, who will then be content. Many people in nowadays’ society like to pursue brand-named fashion or products such as Chanel, Dior, especially the young generation. Not every one can allow themselves to buy everything they long for. Sometimes, they even borrowmoney from the bank, or exceed to deposit of their visa cards unconsciously. As most people are not rich and still like to show off, to prove they can live a premium class life, just like the richest ones, money is definitely the most important element for them. Financially satisfied, they can fulfill their vanity and be proud of themselves. In this case, money will make them happy.
Money canalso buy freedom and opportunity like nothing else. Having money, and the power that money represents, affords the possessor the ability to pursue a host of options and opportunities in the material world. When you have money you can live where you want, do what you want, travel where you may and in general, « live the good life. »

However, we must be wary of the dichotomy of power. We tend tothink the more money or power we have, the freer we are, and in turn the happier we will be. Buried within the equation of power and freedom is responsibility. The more things you possess, the more commitments you have, often the less time you end up calling your own. The owner becomes slave to possessions.
For example, if you drive the expensive, luxury car you take on another debt, greaterinsurance costs and increased concern about theft and parking. If you own or run a business the responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders – responsibility for hiring, firing, disciplining employees, determining product lines, marketing, and a multitude of other tasks. It seems the more you possess, the more power you have, the more responsibility and stress you face – hardly a formula forhappiness.

We always think if we just had a little bit more money, we’d be happier, but when we get there, we’re not. We’re never satisfied. Indeed, the more you make, the more you want. The more you have, the less effective it is at bringing you joy. Once you get basic human needs met, a lot more money doesn’t make a lot more happiness.
Furthermore, money may add more preoccupations to yourlife. Because of you fortune, you and your family can easily become the target of kidnappers and criminals. Thus, you have to be protected permanently by body guards and worried about your safety. You can’t live as a normal being. Your life is completely disturbed. Your fortune imposes many limitations on you. Hence, happiness will not be around you.
In addition, money cannot buy health….