Tradition is a guide not a jailer

traditon is a guide not a jailer.

Most of the time traditions are considered by the developed states as a jailer, but by the traditionalists it’s consideredas a guide.
Traditions are transmission to facts, customs, practices by one generation to the next generation, often orally.
So traditions are not choices butobligations, people don’t choose to follow traditions. Traditions have a real impact on the life to people. Effectively, they push to persons to do some things.Traditions are more presents in some countries for example the africa’s states, the states least developed westernized. However with immigration people must adapttheir customs, their traditions to their new country.
A lot of persons follow traditions and this should not prevent them from doing what they want. Traditionsare often restrectives, they limit people in their freedom. The persons who belong at the same group judge themselves.
The eyes of other it’s much important inthat culture where traditions have a big place.Traditionalists live
in the past and critics the present and the future because for them the anciens time wasbetter. Ad a conclusion I think that the people souldn’t live their life under traditions, customs because we live only once. aaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhh hkhg iççp gddsr locclove suuuu fvv k
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