The Taxes and Taxes in France
In English; Taxes and Taxes say themselves similar.
I- The Taxes in France.
1- Definition :
The tax constitutes a compulsory taking made by authority by the State,the provinces, the municipalities on the resources of the persons living on the French territory or possessing interests there to be allocated to the services of general utility. The creation or themodification of one taxes are always decided by the Parliament. It is the statement declaration which needs to go to remove in the center of the taxes. It will then be sent to the place of residence.It is necessary to preserve the copy of this document during at least 3 years, if there is a delay in the payment time the person will be sanctioned punished by 10 percent. The direct tax is a tax paiddirectly by a person on his behalf. Should the opposite occur it is one tax indirect it is paid by a person by means of another person.
2-Who pays the taxes in France?
Everybody pays taxes inFrance that is everything the agents economic indebted, there is also the taxpayers are the ones who support the responsibility of the tax. It is about physical or moral persons (example: companies) whoparticipate in the economic activity of the country. The indebted is the company paying the amount of the VAT in the Treasury, the taxpayer being the consumer who buys products or services of thiscompany from a price including the amount of the VAT.
3- The various taxes in France.
The income taxes: paid by the State and calculated according to the income of the professional activity. The land taxpaid to the municipalities, to the departments, and to the regions, it is calculated according to the income which we perceive in the real estate activities. The universal social security tax (CSG)taken from the salary, it is calculated according to the professional income, Taxes on the consumption consists in taken for example from fuels, alcohols, tobacco. The wealth tax is one French taxes…