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Essential Hospital Services Package

DRAFT 2 (15.04.2009)


Draft (2) 15 April 2009


Essential Hospital Services Package Table of content
PART I. 1. 2. 3. The goals and the use of this document

To goals of this document Thefocus of this document. The concept of hospital essential services, especially during emergency situations and health crisis: Essential Hospital Services Packages (EHSP)


The integration of hospital preparedness for health crisis into the overall health risk management framework of the Health Sector and into the global Health System framework.


The two broad categories of hospitalsin the perspective of readiness to respond to health crisis (from health emergency situations to major disaster) as discussed in this document

6. 7.

How to use this document Reference documents

PART II . Assessing the readiness and the present capacity of the hospital to respond to health crisis and recommendations for managing the response of the institution Section A. First prioritycomponents of the MC-ERP • Component 1. Management of the alert – activation of the Hospital Emergency Response Plan • Component 2. Hospital Incident Command and Management System – HICS • Component 3. Hospital disaster triage area (HDTA) and reception of patients in MCI & external traffic flow – the area for ambulatory treatment • Component 4. Emergency Department & Internal traffic flow – EDdisaster box • Component 5. Management of Human Resources – staff call back redistribution – recruitment of extra-staff and volunteers • Component 6. Supplement Emergency Response Plans of the various Departments and Units of the hospital – SERP • Component 7. Logistics and supplies – Disaster stocks for the Health Sector • Component 8. Management of Information – Risk communication means – HealthInformation System • Component 9. Pharmacy – essential medicines – vaccines & preventive equipment – disinfectant supplies – hospital “disaster stocks” • Component 10. Security Section B. second priority components of the MC-ERP communication – staff

Draft (2) 15 April 2009


Essential Hospital Services Package
• Component 11. Maintenance and safety – essential technical services -lifelines rehabilitation of critical equipment • Component 12. Laboratory and blood bank • Component 13. Kitchen – food – food safety • Component 14. Laundry – cleaning services – hospital waste management • Component 15. The area for the families – the area for the media • Component 16. Psychosocial support activities • Component 17. Management of the dead and the missing Section C. Emergency managementtools • Component 18. Job Action Sheets – JAS- Individual Action Cards • Component 18. Standard Operating Procedures SOP • Component 19. Forms – logs – maps – patients charts – checklists – standardized treatment protocols Section D. Contingency plans and contingency procedures • Component 21. Different types of contingency plans • Component 22. Chemical incidents – internal fire – evacuations •Component 23. Cluster deaths – isolation from outside resources – power cut – bomb threat – warning time Section E. Training programs – exercises – validation and maintenance of the emergency response plans • Component 24. Validation and maintenance of the Plans • Component 25. Training programs and exercises Section F. Medical disaster teams and hospital contribution to the management ofprehospital operations • Component 26. Contribution to the management of on-site medical operations and prehospital operations • Component 27. Preparation of specialized Task Forces: Urban Search and Rescue; Hazardous Material Teams; Biotox Teams; Disaster Victims Identification Teams Section G. Safer hospitals -hospital vulnerabilities – comprehensive hospital risk management program • Component 28….