Le scandale de clearstream

septembre 8, 2018 Non Par admin

Clearstream affair

The Clearstream affair is an extremely complicated financial and political scandal. While the media talks about it every week, I doubt that half of the French understand what itactually concerns.
One must be very careful when examining this scandal. It is necessary to make the difference between Clearstream I and II. Clerstream one was a financial scandal (in 2001)experienced by the financial group Cleastream. It was mostly about false account system which and global platform of tax evasion and money laundering.
Clearstream II, what French call Clearstream affairstakes place in a context of major conflicts within the military French industry and the opposition of EADS cons THALES. The background reveals a political scandal that pits the former Prime Ministerde Villepin against the current French president Nicolas Sarkozy. The name of Nicolas Sarkozy, explains the importance of the media scandal. During this time, he was still a minister but the affairhappened when he was a presidential candidate. To summarize, this scandal deals with a false list of bank accounts involving politicians and industrial well-know people. The list was given to the JudgeRenaud Van Ruymbeke by a manipulator called « the crow ». Because of that list, Van Ruymbeke thought that well-know people were involved in an international platform for money laundering and tax evasionvia an illegal system of secret accounts. Those allegedly accusations were used to transfer kickbacks in a France–Taiwan frigates scandal. The investigation was launched and after years, in January2006, both magistrates declared the case closed, on the grounds that the “the crow”‘s list of Clearstream accounts owned by various political and industrial figures was a fraud. In my point of view,the affair was supposed to end at that point. But the former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin came under investigation for what may have been his involvement in spreading the false charges…