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Miss Stanford: Lindsey and Miss Peterson please.
Miss Peterson: Yes!
Miss Stanford: Hello Miss Peterson, come in my office please.
Miss Peterson: Thank you
Miss Stanford: Hello Lindsey.
MissStanford: I beg you, seat down
Miss Stanford: I want to know why you are here Lindsey. Why did you want to call your mother?
Lindsey: It’s with this fucking men, it’s a big swine.
Mr Landers: Shut upbitch!
Miss Peterson: Lindsey, please!!
Miss Stanford: Lindsey, speak about you feeling of Mr Landers. What’s the problem? Lindsey: Ok. He had sexual and corporals punishments, so for me it’s not ahuman; it’s a bear, a swine.
Mr Landers: I did that for your education
Miss Peterson: Maybe he had good reasons to beat you Lindsey. Your behaviour is bad; I wish that I didn’t have been able togive you a good education. It was so hard for me.
Lindsey: It’s not my fault if I am like that, it’s yours. You left dad when I was young and you sent me in the bullshit school. The food is disgustingas shit, the shower is always frozen, we can drink some water that 3 times a day, and this for $40,000 a year?
Miss Peterson: I sent you here because you are insolent, unbearable… Because you brokeall the things at home. Because you beat me as well as the dog, because you insult me just because I left your dad, but you don’t know him. I don’t want to see you anymore; it’s not a life for me.Lindsey: I beat you because…
Miss Peterson: I know your dad, I had seen life the same thing with him and when you beat me. I thought of him, in the past… Even if you don’t know him, you are as him,impolite, terrifying…
Lindsey: Fuck off! Don’t speak like that about him
Miss Peterson: I don’t want to live as in the past. So I sent you here, in Tranquility Bay.
Miss Stanford: Mr Landers, whydid you beat her? It’s a child and this punishment is not in my set of rules.
Mr Landers: Miss the headmaster. I’m going to say to you all the story. To beginning, Lindsey is a delinquent, as all…