décembre 1, 2018 Non Par admin

What I see is the most beautiful ever. I see some lean houses, all in a perfect row, destituted from this certain mood. I come in. The streets are going up and down. One of them, in a freedom will,has escape from the ground to the stars, like a stone rainbow. As I go down those dark streets, I am meeting some pale and transparent shadows, white as the truth. Their gait are supple and stealthy.I’m noticing this particular smile on their faces. Mingled with a strange feeling of suffering. Are they in pain or are they in peace? Whatever, all that matters that I feel good with them because I’mfiguring they look like me. I’m walking among them with no goal in an ocean of shivering light. Where does this light come from? I don’t see any source of light. There is no sun, I think it is night,but the sky is really colorful. No black, but some pale colors, blue, green, yellow, all mingled in a flashing and relaxing storm. And the hundred clouds all clinging to each other, are dancing withthose shy colours. And among this swirling waltz, the stars rain of a silver rain.

The bliss.

Suddenly, the clouds are becoming dark and it is the slaughter in my brain. The satyrs of destinyare coming and I’m beginning to cry. My god! Why all this violence? The war is raging. I’m hearing the fire bullets whisteling to my ears. Some buildings are fighting in an explosion of ciment andglass. Waves of rubble are invading the city’s streets. Trashes made of with all kind of waste: peels of banana, orange, plastic bags, oil, blood, seamon and disgusting food. The city is finallyrevealing her ugliness, widly hided behind a wall of misleading beauty. Now, she vomits her chimical flow. Rats rule over the city. A genuine kingdom of scum. The shadows are melting and mingling in awhirlwind of fear, transforming into monsters. I am chasing by those creatures, I run in the streets, I don’t know where am I going, I am smelling the horrible flavor of their breath, I feel the…