novembre 24, 2018 Non Par admin

– Good morning everybody, my name is jbhkb, I’m a designer for a new brand « Revolution » and now I’m going to present my project.

– First, I’mgoing to describe my product :
The product is a watch. His name is Revolution because It’s a new generation This last one generation of watch is notexpensive and works thanks to heartbeat. It is waterproof, it is the watch of the celebre actor Tom Cruise. She is practical, and allows thanks to her GPSjoined to find a way easily. It is easy to use for youngs as for big. Just for 99 £.

– Now, I’m going to describe the document :
Thedocument is an advertissement about a new watch,. In the middle, there is the product, the watch.
In the top, it’s the name of the brand « Revolution »and next to the brand, there is the slogan « Don’t waste anyone minute ».
At the bottom, it’s the catchphrase « The life will not be the same »In the bottom, right-hand corner, it’s the logo of a brand, it represents a letter « R » for Revolution.

– Now, I’m going to analyse thedocument :
In this advert, there are a lot of elements, The product is in the middle, It’s a good decision because everybody looks this in the first. I don’t putthe price in the poster, It allows the consumers to go to stores to see the price of the product and so buy. This poster is simple, the brand is bigwritten and the catchphrase also to draw the attention of the consumers, it is the good commercial communication.

Thanks at everybody. Good Bye.