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This is a film still of the film « Million dollar baby » . The picture shows a girl who has got boxing gloves. She is focus on the punchball and boxing like boy so sheis very unfemine.
The woman seems be determinated, and very ambitious .
She is in a world of men who is a wildworld so she have to fight to make her place and assertherself because everything is possible if we train for .
On a one hand her family could be scared, on the other hand they could be proud. Her friends could be puzzledbecause it is out of ordinary for a woman to do boxe, she is off the beaten track .

It is a film still of « Billy Elliot » . The scene taking place in a gym, there arefive girls with tights, tutus and ballet shoes and they do exercises at the barre : they must be ballerina.
At the center there is a boy, Billy Elliot, he is verystrange and seems a little embarassed because he is wearing boxing gloves and boxing head guard.
He is courageous because he fight the prejudice.
In this family his fathermust be angry contrary to her mother who would be very comprenhensive but his friends would be laugh at him because he want to do dance.

If you like a sport assertyourself and don’t be careful of the prejudice and furfil your dream.

On the one hand people think there are sports for girls and boys only because for a woman it isnot aesthetic to do boxe and to be very muscular.
And for a boy it is very embarassing to do dance because this a sport where there are many girls.
On the other handother people think there are not sports only for boys or for girls because the important thing is to realize his dream and achieve our goal although there are prejudice