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TI-83 Plus Catalog Help
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TI-83 Plus Catalog Help (12/11/00)

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Where to Find Installation Instructions
You can find detailed instructions on downloading this and other Flash applications at this web site: http://www.ti.com/calc/docs/flashinstall.htm Installing this application requires TIGRAPH LINKË. You can download a free copy of TIGRAPH LINK from this web site:http://www.ti.com/calc/docs/link.htm

TI-83 Plus Catalog Help

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What is Catalog Help?
Catalog Help is a TI83 Plus calculator software application that helps you quickly enter the arguments for calculator functions or instructions found in the calculator catalog and on some menus. Calculator functions return a value, list, or matrix. You can use calculator functions in an expression.Instructions initiate an action. Some functions and instructions have arguments. Catalog Help gives you quick access to those arguments. Catalog Help does not provide a detailed description or result of each argument. For detailed function/instruction information, see Appendix A in the TI83 Plus Guidebook.

TI-83 Plus Catalog Help

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Getting Started
? Install the Catalog Help application.Work through this exercise to become familiar with the basic features of the Catalog Help application.

1. Press n to display a list of applications on your calculator. 2. Select CtlgHelp. The Catalog Help information screen displays the application name and version number.
Tip To select a menu item, either • Press ` or h to highlight the item, and then press ¯. –or– • Press the number thatcorresponds to the menu item.

3. Press ¯ or wait a few seconds to see the Catalog Help instructions screen. 4. Press h to read the complete set of instructions, and then press ¯ or  to continue. The calculator home screen is displayed.

TI-83 Plus Catalog Help

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? Create a list of numbers from 5 to 50 with increments of 3 using the seq( function in the calculator catalog. 1.Press 1 to display the calculator catalog. 2. Press h to move the cursor to seq(, and then press ¥ to display the Catalog Help screen for it.

3. Enter the arguments for this problem: expression = A, variable = A, begin = 5, end = 50, increment = 3.

4. Select PASTE (press U) to paste the function and the arguments that you just entered to the home screen.

TI-83 Plus Catalog Help

Page 6 5. Press ¯ to create the list.

Now that you have completed the Getting Started example, you can read further for detailed information about Catalog Help features.

TI-83 Plus Catalog Help

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Running Catalog Help
Catalog Help runs in the background on your calculator, and is accessible any time you need it. You do not have to exit Catalog Help to run another application. 1….