Marriage counsellor

-Our presence here does not result from a necessity, everything is fine and we have been married from 14 years.

-15 years

-14 or 15 years, it does not matter. What we need is the directions for going on 15 years more!

-Ok, I see what you mean. So, we must admit that your current type of life will not allowed you to go on 15 years more.

-That’s true-First of all, I have to ask you some questions concerning your married life. On a scale from one to ten, how do you feel within your couple?


-When 9 mean perfect and 1…

-8 – 8

-At home, who do the houseworks?

-I have to admit that it does not make part of my everydaylife but, from time to time, I take out garbage cans and…

-You must be joking! Believe me; I do everything inthis house!

-Ok well, apart from that, what is your everydaylife?

-Needless to say that my professional life is empty. 5 years ago, I wanted to resume my job of advertising but with 3 children to educate it was bound to fail and I renounced. Naturally, nowadays I regret it. You know that when I stopped working to expect our third child, I was going to obtain a big promotion.

-But you Sir,what was your opinion, what is the choice of her, of you or of the couple?

-To me it was important that my wife stay at home to educate and spend time with our children.

-But I think that she can do both? For example, I have 2 children and for nothing I will stop my job!!

-Ok but I think it is shameful to want to work when your family don’t need it. And, sexual discrimination isever-present at work: equal pay doesn’t exist, flexitime is not accepted, the stress is everywhere…It is why I think that to be an housewife is a luck!

-It’s your conviction, but you are not alone, you have to build your future together.
I finalized a machine which is going to allow me to know what way life you are really dreaming.

-Wahou Wahou (impressionnés)

-(enjouée): Can I start I’m just ina hurry to discover this perfect world I ever expected.

-Why you and not me?!

– (essayant d’eviter la dispute): Ok, Mrs sit down under the machine, I light the button, you are going to leave the reality in 5, 4, 3 …

– I …..I see me wearing a nice golden Dior dress at a reception with the President and …… oh this is the first woman at the head of France with a ministers teamcomposed only by ……. women. In fact the women revolution has happened, the men power has been turned, the roles changed. Is it my husband who is cooking there?! Every evening he cooks the meal, when I come back home children has been given a shower, homework have been done, like housekeeping, washing up…. I have time to go out with friends, to act in an association to protect environment, women’sintelligence has succeeded in limiting the greenhouse effect and in reducing pollution.
The end of the female submission!!

– Thanks, Mrs , you are going to wake up in 5, 4, 3 ……

– I’m dreaming! Your desires are a Dior dress, while Asian women are starving!! But I don’t understand you anymore! If you want so much a new life with new priorities why don’t you give you the means to havewhat you want!

– The means? I had all the abilities to do what I wanted to do! But for a woman you have to make choices in your life.

– What do you mean by choices?

– A woman has to choose between a carrier or a family. And I’m sad to tell you that me I didn’t have the choice.

-Of course you had the choice. But you preferred to stay at home to take care of your children which is themost beautiful thing for a woman.

– Your case is very interesting actually.. So you are telling us that you would prefer that the role between men and women would have been reverse? Man at home, woman at work.. this is not quite common.. What do you think Mr?

– I just think it is totally ridiculous, pathetic, and extremely insane to have such ideas.. Men are men and Women are women that is…